Inclusive social events for the django community


Welcome to django social.
This is the home of easy to run events for the django community worldwide.
Our mission is simple, bring the community together and socialise.
Django social events are oppurtunities to meet with local django enthusiasts in your area. An event can be as simple as a walk in the park, playing board games or something fancier (if you have a willing sponser).
With the world opening up again after the pandemic a lot of people find themselves without social interactions that they once had through working in an office. People have also re-located, moving to new cities. Finding a local Django Social event should be easy.
The idea for django social started with Jon Gould, running the inaugural events in London in 2022, Jon runs Foxley Talent, the go-to recruitment company within the Python and Django communities.
If you want to find out more about our groups, get in contact or find out about running your own django social event please explore the site for more information.


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Foxley Talent

Foxley Talent


Events for the community by the community get in touch to set one up in your reigon